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2H&2D King & Queen Gel (for women)

2H&2D King & Queen Gel (for women)

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Fragrance-free and coloring-free. Reliable disposable type

Grammar type lubricating lotion that is convenient to carry. Contains ingredients that are gentle on women's skin. 2mL x 10 packets included.

main ingredient

[Cnidium Monnieru Fruit extract] Said to have tonic, antifungal, and sex hormone effects.

[Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract] A leguminous plant distributed in Thailand. It contains phytoestrogens (female hormone-like substances), and is expected to improve women's peculiar troubles and to beautify the skin.

[Snow Lotus Herb extract] A plant produced in highlands such as the Tianshan Mountains in western China, the Tibetan Plateau, and the Yunnan Plateau. It is a fast-acting tonic and is said to improve blood circulation.

[Pomegranate Extract] Pomegranate contains vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, fatty acids, and citric acid, which help improve blood flow. Vitamins and potassium are involved in preventing hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

[Bromelain (pineapple enzyme)] Bromelain contained in pineapple is a proteolytic enzyme.

[Rose bud extract] It is said to have whitening, moisturizing, and skin-tightening effects. It has a vivid rose pink color and a calming scent that is unique to roses.

Collective labeling of raw materials, etc.

[Product name] King & Queen Gel for women
[Contents] 2mg x 10 packets
[Ingredients] Water, glycerin, sodium alginate, pueraria mirifica root extract, sodium hyaluronate, Cnidium Monnieru fruit extract, Snow Lotus Herb extract powder, bromelain, rose extract, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, menthol, methylparaben, propylparaben
[How to use] Apply it to the local area when you act.


[Product size] W82mm x H95mm x D13mm


*If any abnormality appears during or after use, we recommend that you stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.
*If it gets in your eyes, wash it off immediately.
*Keep out of reach of infants. *Avoid storing in direct sunlight, extremely hot or cold places.


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