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  • 2023 ⁄ 03 ⁄ 14 That product that is the topic now. Finally appeared in the 2H & 2D series! !

    The newly released JS NMN12000 fermentation can take in astonishing 12000 mg of NMN, which is attracting a lot of attention, in one bottle. This is a rare content in the industry.

    Don't miss this chance! !
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Direct delivery of 2H&2D and JS brand products from Maruei

Maruei's flagship brand "2H&2D" series started with "2H&2D (1 Day Pack)" released in 2007.
Furthermore, from 2022, a new health food brand “JS” series has been added.
Maruei Bio-Pharma supports your daily vitality and health.

JS series

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  • Natural materials are used as main materials

    Maruei Group Co., Ltd., a sister company of Maruei BioPharma Co., Ltd., mainly handles health food ingredients such as herbal ingredients. We make use of such knowledge to plan products and effectively use unique raw materials.

  • Free shipping for orders over 10,000 yen (Japan only)

    For purchases of 10,000 yen or more anywhere in Japan, the shipping fee is 0 yen (paid by our company).

  • Safe and secure delivery

    In addition to ensuring the safety of our products, we will deliver the products directly from Maruei Bio-Pharma Co., Ltd., the manufacturing and sales manufacturer, so you can order with peace of mind.