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2H&2D The Super Maca Black

2H&2D The Super Maca Black

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Contains 520mg of maca purified powder!
Other ingredients in this formula include GRF (Golden Rose Fruit / Rosa Roxburghii Fruit) Purified Powder, Wolfberry fruit extract powder, and Siberian ginseng extract powder, all of which are formulated in Maruei Bio-Pharma's proprietary golden ratio and have high SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) values. Other ingredients in the formula provide strong support for the super food maca.

One bottle is for approximately 30 days (approx. 4 capsules per day).

main ingredient

<p>Maca. A highly nutritious superfood grown in Peru. Because it grows in a harsh natural environment, it stores abundant nutrients in itself. </p>
<p>Wolfberry Fruit has been used as a traditional medicine. It is also well-known as an ingredient to decorate the top of apricot jelly. </p>
<p>Siberian ginseng is a member of the Araliaceae family, the same family as Korean ginseng. It is also called Siberian ginseng, and is said to be as effective as ginseng in treating stress and fatigue.</p>
<p>GRF. With more vitamin C than acerola, it boasts high antioxidant power.</p>
<p>Panax Ginseng has a group of saponins called ginsenosides as useful ingredients and regulates the autonomic nervous system.</p>
<p>L-Citrulline. A type of amino acid. It is involved in the production of NO (nitric oxide) in the blood, which softens and dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow.</p>

Collective labeling of raw materials, etc.

[Contents] 42g (350mg x 120 capsules)
[Weight] 158g
Maca refined powder (maca extract, dextrin), GRF refined powder (Golden Rose Fruit / Rosa Roxburghii Fruit extract, dextrin), L-citrulline, maltitol, Panax Ginseng powder, Wolfberry Fruit extract, Siberian ginseng extract, zinc-containing yeast, selenium yeast / crystalline cellulose, color (squid ink color, cacao), Mg stearate Crystal cellulose, coloring agent (squidfish color, cacao), Mg stearate, HPMC, glycerin, brightening agent, (some contain soybeans)
[Directions] Take 4 capsules daily with water.
[Expiration date] 3 years in unopened container.

Nutrition Facts [per 4 capsules per day] Calories 5.39kcal, Protein 0.40g, Fat 0.05g, Carbohydrate 0.85g, Salt equivalent 0.0017g




Please follow the recommended daily intake.
If the product does not suit your constitution or physical condition, please refrain from using it.


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